Library Resources

Guidelines on the use of library resources:

We want our clients to have fair and equitable access to the library's resources, such as computers, desks and rooms. You can help us achieve this by logging out if you are away from the computer for more than 5 minutes. After 15 minutes of inactivity, the computers automatically log out. Always remember to take your belongings with you as library staff may remove any unattended personal property so that other clients can use the resources.

The University of Dubai library has some excellent resources - let's share them.

Reference Services

An active reference service is available to answer reference and research inquiries and questions concerning the use of the library and its facilities. A librarian is available during all hours of operation ready to assist in using all print and electronic resources. Patrons may call Ext. 668 for reference inquiries or e-mail:

Digital Library Access Services

The library provides access to thousands of electronic journals with indexes, abstracts, as well as full-text through online databases such as ProQuest, International Financial Statistics (IFS), Springer e-books and Emerald and JSTOR e-books. These online resources can be accessed both campus wide and remotely through the university’s intranet. Please visit the Library Resources page on the intranet to find a complete up-to-date listing of our digital library.

Photocopying & Printing Services

A self-service machine is available for copying library materials where a fee of 25 fils per copy is applied. Copyright laws must be strictly observed while photocopying. Only chapter of a book, journal articles are allowed to photocopy. Printing service is available in the library and on campus as a whole. Students are requested to observe their printing habits to save papers and toners. Each student is given a quota of 150 free printing papers per semester. If more printouts are needed, students have to recharge their accounts through the librarian on duty. A charge of 5 fils per page is applied.

Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC)

The Library Automation System at University of Dubai provides a very powerful and user-friendly searching interface for all library holdings. This software allows searches by author, title, subject, and keyword(s) and one search. Guiding icons of whether the item retrieved is a printed book, e-book, learning kit or journal is displayed along with the search results. All new students are given guidelines on the use of library services and resources during orientation (Bidayaat) days. Students are given library guide for their reference. The library guide is also available at the circulation desk throughout the year.

Document Supply Services

The library can provide journal articles, reports, and other documents from regional academic libraries as part of interlibrary loan and document delivery. This service actively supports research activities at UD.

Library Computers

The Open Learning Resources Center of the library is equipped with computers accessible to all users. All computers are equipped with multimedia kit and internet access browser. Latest Microsoft Office application packages are available along with some specialized software on all terminals. A network printer is also provided for users. Use of Library computers is governed by the University of Dubai Information Technology Resources Policy.

Multimedia Room

An independent multimedia room has been established which aims to provide supplementary learning support in all topics to students and fully utilizing the audio-visual materials in the library. The center is equipped with computers and with audio visual equipments and scanner.

Information Literacy Program

An active information literacy skills program is offered to all incoming and existing students. The skills are essential to enable students to locate, evaluate and use the needed information effectively. An information literate student helps to improve academic standards and self-directed life-long learning.