As a business professional, embarking on a graduate program is an important career decision, and one that can produce the maximum return for you. However, the key is finding the right program at the right time and committing yourself fully to it.

At the University of Dubai (UD) we are confident you will find the right graduate program that matches your needs and will accelerate your career. The UD Master of Business Administration (MBA) and Master of Science in Information Systems (MS) curricula are completely integrated and address three important business/IT challenges: managing the organization, making choices, and making a difference. Succeeding in these challenges will build your professional career. UD’s team-centered approach leverages the dynamics of a diverse group of students, and helps shape them into multi-cultural leaders who are equipped to manage enterprises and organizations anywhere in the world.

At UD we ensure that students are satisfied with their learning experience and that they get value for the money they invest in undertaking an MBA or an MS degree with us.

The website provides an overall view of the MBA and MS programs, their unique features, admission requirements, areas of concentrations, and the knowledge and skills gained in the course, along with application procedures.

MBA Dean's List 2013-2014

  • Asifa Mai Ghulam Yasin
    (Finance & Accounting)

  • Mohammad Bassam K. Al Baz
    (Finance & Accounting)

  • Esra Ahmed Mohamed Hussain Al Hosani
    (Finance & Accounting)

  • Mohammed Essa Mohammed A Al Bastaki
    (Finance & Accounting)

  • Easa Karam Mohammed Essa Alblooshi
    (Finance & Accounting)

  • Hanan Jamal Al Khawaja
    (Operations & Logistics Management)

  • Maria Abdul Rahman Mohamed Tahir Al Abbasi
    (Leadership & Human Resources Management)

  • Ameera Rashed Abdulla Rashed Al Kaabi
    (Leadership & Human Resources Management)

  • Sana Mohammad Khalil AlBsaisi
    (Leadership & Human Resources

  • Samar Qaiser Hussein Ahmed
    (International Business & Marketing)

MS Dean's List 2013-2014

  • Mahmoud Mohamed Mahmoud Ahmed Elhendy
    (Information Systems Management)