Program Advisory Board


  1. Facilitate interaction between the business community and the academic community.
  2. Strengthen the ability of the college to provide needed services to the business community.
  3. Aid in improving the effectiveness of the UD faculty.
  4. Provide input leading to greater relevance of business and IT curricula.
  5. Provide input leading to increased student competencies and skills.
  6. Provide broader opportunities for graduates and faculty to participate in business activities.

Role of the Council

  1. Act as a sounding Council for the College Dean and faculty.
  2. Provide objective reflections concerning the College and its role in the community.
  3. Serve as a resource for achieving UD's mission and objectives.
  4. Participate, when requested, in specific UD activities.
  5. Independently initiate and implement projects on behalf of UD.

Members of the UDCIT Program Advisory Board

  Name Position Organization

Dr. Kumar Prasoon

Group Chief Information Officer (CIO

Al Safeer Group


Dr. Syed Al Gilani

Director, Strategy & Excellence

Dubai Maritime


Mr. Karim Seifeddine

Vice-President, Citi Group, MENA region



Ms. Geetu Ahuja

Head, Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, Gulf Cooperation Council Region

Chartered Institute of Management Accountants


Mr. Wissam Kadi

MENA Regional Lead



Mr. Brad Boyson

Executive Director, SHRM-MEA



Dr. James Stone

Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport, Panel Chair

Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport