Graduate Tuition Fees

UD Tuition  Fee per course & Other Fees for Academic Year 2016-17

A.   Graduate 2016-17
A.1 MBA Tuition Fee  Local Students   (AED) International Students (USD)
  Regular Students 9,100 -
  Visiting (Short course) 11,600 3,200
  Pre-MBA 6,000 -
  Pre-LLM  5,000  
A.2 LLM 
  Regular Students  11,600 -
  Visiting (Short course) 13,000 4,000
A.3 PhD (NEW)(discount is not applicable)
  Regular Students  18,000 -
  Visiting (Short course) 20,000 5,500
A.4 Study Abroad Program (per course) 11,600 3,200
B. Special Discounts for all programs (not applicable for short course/visiting students)*
B.1 UAE/GCC Nationals 10% -
B.2 Students working in Government Departments 10% -
B.3 Relatives (brothers/sisters/husband/wife) 10% -
B.4 Employees of UD/DCCI  15% -
B.5 UD Alumni and sons/daughters/brothers/sisters of UD Alumni 10% -
B.6 GPA of ≥ 3.80 at the end of term 20% 20%
*The maximum discount permissible per student is 20%.
C. Miscellaneous Fees (Non refundable) (AED) (USD)
C.1 Application fee (MBA/MS/LLM) 500 250
C.2 Admission and Registration Fees (includes Student ID card) 1,100 400
C.3 Application fee (PhD) 3,000 850
C.4 English Placement Test 300 -
C.5 Challenge exam per course in Pre-MBA/Pre-MS/Pre-LLM 2,000 See Note 1
C.6 Replacement of a lost ID 100
C.7 Each Post Dated Check (Max 3 in each Term) 200
C.8 Returned check (maximum 2 chances) 750
C.9 Postponement of post-dated cheque 250
D. Miscellaneous Course Related Fees (Non refundable) (AED) (USD)
D.1 Application for Incomplete Final Exam 1,000 See Note 1
D.2 Application for Reviewing Final Exam Sheet 500
D.3 Issuance of Degree Certificate Fee (with MOHESR attestation) 350 (500) 220
D.4 Re-issuance of Degree Certificate 1,000 300
D.5 Attestation of True Copy Certificate 100  
D.6 Graduation Fee* 2,500 See Note 1
D.7 Technology Fee (once only at the time of enrollment) 700
The university reserves the right to increase tuition fees up to 10% per academic year when deemed necessary.


  1. Miscellaneous fees (in AED) are applicable to International Students as well.
  2. Revised fees is applicable to all new students registered in Term-2 of 2016-17 onwards.

* Graduation fee is subject to change.