Clubs and Societies

International Cultural Clubs

The University of Dubai is known for having a culturally diverse student body with students representing various countries and cultures. Therefore, various clubs were established to promote, preserve and integrate cultural diversity and awareness to UD students, faculty and the community. Each club shares their unique culture, customs, traditions and history with the UD community through various cultural/social activities and events.

All students, regardless of nationality, are welcome to join the following clubs:

Emirati Club, Indian Club, Iraqi Club, Lebanese Club, Palestinian Club, Syrian Club, Chinese club and/or Egyptian Club
All participants are encouraged to share any ideas and insights about student life, academic issues and various extra-curriculum activities. These clubs organize and participate in various events throughout the year including: International Day, National Day, Chinese New Year, Dragon Boat Festival, etc.

Environmental Club

All around the world people are facing an abundance of new environmental problems every day. We are all witnesses of how climate change and other different weather patterns are impacting our lives daily.

The Environmental Club was formed to increase awareness about environmental issues. Through workshops and awareness campaigns, our aim is to educate the students and faculty about current environmental problems that our community encounters and demonstrate how they can reduce their negative impacts on the environment.

All members are encouraged to participate in local environmental/sustainability competitions as well as organize and/or participate in various environmental events throughout the year including: Earth Day, Earth Hour, Environmental Day, etc.

Knowledge Club

The Knowledge Club at UD was recently formed to meet the needs of students who seek to enhance their knowledge in various subjects. Various topics are discussed in the club while promoting learning outside of the classroom.

Every UD student is welcome to join the club where he or she can participate in workshops, local/international trips, competitions, seminars and/or weekly discussions.

Entrepreneurship Club

The purpose of the Entrepreneurship Club is to create a unique platform that will encourage students within UD to exchange their ideas, knowledge, experience and skills to establish successful start-ups within the United Arab Emirates.

UD’s Entrepreneurship Club aims to work with different types of business research developments and analysis proposed exclusively by UD students.

The aim of the club is to gather all creative/motivated students at UD and direct their potential into successful business models by participating in various competitions.