University of Dubai is offering the discounts card – The ISIC (International Student Identity Card).
ISIC is the only internationally recognized student Identity document in the world endorsed by the
UNESCO. Since its initiation in 1953, the ISIC has been providing students with access to specially
developed student discounts across the globe.
As a UD student holder of ISIC card, you will have access to over 125.000 discounts on products and
services available in 135 countries.

ISIC’s membership validity is one-year period.

Furthermore, the following businesses and organizations offer discounts when you show your UD Student
Card at the time of payment or at time of offer:

20% on all diving courses, revolving contract

40% on entry ticket, expires 31.07.2018.

15% on end bill, expires 15.07.2018.

10% – 30% on selected offer, expires 10.07.2019.

26,5% on entry ticket, expires 31.12.2017.

15% per class on all courses, revolving contract

20% on entry ticket, expires 31.12.2018.

33% on entry ticket + family members, expires 31.12.2017.

20% on entry tickets, expires 10.08. 2019.