Welcome to the University of Dubai Students’ Union!

What is Students’ Union?

University of Dubai Students’ Union (UDSU) is you. All registered students at University of Dubai are members of the Union; whether you are undergraduate or graduate, full time or part time, unless you have chosen to opt out.

In the very core of every union is representation. UDSU is no different. Representing students’ collective voice and providing support if students need help is the prime responsibility of UDSU.

UDSU also runs sport clubs and student organizations.

Latest update – Elections

The process of revamping of UDSU is finished. This means we had updated all polices and documents regarding UDSU. You can see new Constitution, Bylaws and Handbooks links on the right side of the page.

Next step is to elect students who are going to fill a number of leader positions in the Union, the Cabinet. UDSU organizational chart with open positions is below.

Students' Union Organization Chart - Gold

We prepared Candidate Handbook, with all the steps and requirements to lead you through the process of elections with ease. If you want to apply for any vacant position you must read it thoroughly. Below is excerpt about election timeline, with all deadlines you need to follow.

Election Timeline

October 8th (3pm) Nomination final close

You will not be able to submit your nomination after this time.

October 15th (12pm) Candidate orientation

All candidates must attend orientation. After orientation campaign starts.

October 25th (12pm) Voting opens

Voting for students are open.

October 31st (12pm) Voting closes

Voting is closed. Students are not able to vote after this time.

October 31st (1pm) Results announced
November 6th (10am) Start of office

First day of office.