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University of Dubai celebrated 46th UAE National Day

Marching - University of Dubai
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University of Dubai celebrated 46th UAE National Day

Officially, 46th UAE National Day is this Saturday, on 2nd of December, which means we have another long weekend ahead and we had to do our celebration before break.

That’s why University of Dubai (UD) was holding UAE National Day 2017 Celebration yesterday, on Tuesday 28th of November.

Before we share details from the event itself let remind ourselves what UAE National Day is about.

On 2nd of December 1971 the first chapter of United Arab Emirates story begun. At Union House in Dubai, that is now Etihad Museum rulers of 7 emirates (Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Dubai, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Sharjah, Umm Al Quwain), met together to form UAE with Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan selected as first president.     

So what we’ve done for 46th National Day at University of Dubai?

Students, together with staff and faculty, led by President dr. Eesa Bastaki marched with UAE flags and scarfs from Dubai Business School (College of Business) to the main building entrance. Horses from Mushrif Equestrian Club, latest Mercedes cars and UAE made buggies (Moca Group) were included in the march, as well.

National Day Celebration continued outdoor at the terrace of the UD campus. Visitors were immersed into traditional UAE customs such as: traditional food (harees, raqaq, kabsah, chebab…etc.); ayala dancing; fishing crafts; henna painting. One tent was reserved for display of Futoon Perfumes products.

Later, after Salat al-‘asr prayer, guest experienced demonstration of UAE made buggies and Mushrif Equestrian horses.

This event was an opportunity to show progress of creating the biggest UAE flag made from recycled papers by quilling art. The main force behind this project is student Environmental Club with help of Innovation Club and many other members of the Students’ Union.

Students’ Union president treated guests with his latest poem he wrote especially for this occasion: