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UDSU Elections – Team 1 – Video

UDSU Elections team1
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UDSU Elections – Team 1 – Video

Team 1 – Manifesto

On the journey of education, we all dream of graduating with high scores, but high educational attainment alone is not enough to form a successful person. In the students Union, we aim to refine student’s skills, and involve them in activities within the university as well as expose them to the outside world, through events, workshops, competitions, and various projects that interest them, this will increase student’s productivity, motivation, and involvements. Besides that, we will be the problem-solvers, the voice of their concerns and suggestions, and the link between them and the administration. Moreover, in the academic field, we aim to increase educational attainment by creating a teaching center, where students with high achievements can teach students facing difficulties, to form a positive learning environment. Additionally, we want to add an Entrepreneurship program for interested students. Also, we want to give priority to graduates. And, we are aiming to create a UD mobile application that will include each student courses, grades, GPA, latest news of UD, activities, and workshops that are currently happening inside UD campus, as well as job offers, etc. To entertain students, we want to create student’s breather area for all student’s (Females and Males) with different services, as well as an exclusive area for male students, where they can be comfortable. Finally, we want to host a yearly talent show, to discover student’s talents and create new clubs based on their talents.