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Vision, Mission and Strategic Pillars

Vision, Mission and Strategic Pillars

UD Vision
To be a world-class institution in education, research and innovation for the betterment and prosperity of the people in the region.

Strategic Vision
UD to be ranked among top 100 universities before 2035 and Dubai Business School to be ranked among the top 100 business schools worldwide by 2025.

Realizing our vision will require us to:

  • Serve the educational needs of diverse undergraduates, postgraduates and professionals.
  • Produce high caliber graduates.
  • Provide education based on international standards.
  • Provide a stimulating educational environment to prepare future leaders.
  • Engage faculty in pure and applied research focused mainly on the economic development of Middle East & Africa (MEA) Region.

UD Vision and Mission 2017-2022 are driven by three strategic pillars:

  • Innovation – in the content and delivery of education through professional awards besides academic degree, in faculty research and in technology implementation.
  • Global Academic Perspective – putting multi-disciplinary theory into meaningful practice through collaborative applied research in senior level BBA/BS and MBA/LLM/PhD programs’ experience and partnering with international accredited universities and professional certification for expanding global opportunity, and
  • Building Character and Leadership – among students and graduates that make a lasting difference.