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List Of GUCR Courses

List of GUCR courses

  • PRMT 002 Pre-Math ( Zero Credit) Course Description
  • GMAT 100 Mathematics For Science I Course  Description
  • GMAT 110 Mathematics For Business I Course Description
  • GMAT 105 Mathematics For Science II Course Description
  • GMAT 115 Mathematics For Business II Course Description
  • GPUC 100 Planning for University and Career Success Course Description
  • GCMM 105 Communication Skills Course Description
  • GCRT 200 Critical And Creative Thinking Course Description
  • GISL 100 Islamic Thought ( Arabic) Course Description
  • GISL 105 Islamic Thought ( English)    Course Description

Studying English at CESL

Class size is usually small, which facilitates teacher-student interaction and allows teachers to give attention to the needs of individual students. Group work and discussion are encouraged in classes. Computer-assisted language learning is incorporated where practicable. Students are encouraged to be independent and motivated learners and English courses usually require students to spend significant amounts of time studying at home. English instructors are highly qualified and experienced, and come from all over the world.

GUCR English Courses

  • ENGL 100 English I Course Description
  • ENGL 105 English II Course Description
  • ESPU 200/210 English for Special Purposes, Business or Science Course Description

Humanities & Social Sciences

  • GUAG 100 UAE Government Course Description
  • GCUS 100 Culture And Society Course Description
  • GPSY 100 Psychology And Society Course Description
  • GSOC 100 Sociology And Society Course Description
  • GEDU 100 Education And The Future Course Description
  • GTOR 100 Leisure And Tourism In Contemporary Society Course Description

Natural & Applied Sciences

  • GCEI 100 Contemporary Environmental Issues Course Description
  • GHSO 100 Health And Society Course Description
  • GBIO 100 Biotechnology Course Description
  • GHUB 100 Human Biology Course Descriptio
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