Comprehensive Exam

The comprehensive examination is primarily designed to assess the research students on the following CLOs:

  • CLO 1. Research fundamentals - Research design, methodology, data analysis, interpretation and critical findings.
  • CLO 2. Research Acumen - Application of research fundamentals in the chosen area / domain to conceptualize and translate the research ideas and questions in to a theoretical/conceptual framework.
  • CLO 3. Applied Competencies – Analyze, synthesize, critically evaluate, and integrate the possible outcomes of the research study to address the research gaps identified in the literature and draw the conclusions with practical implications and insights.

Evaluation of Comprehensive examination:
The evaluation will be coordinated by the assigned faculty panel and the assessment will be carried out independently based on the student's research/domain specialization. The evaluation will be based on the following criteria.

  • Understanding of research fundamentals and the ability to apply, analyze, synthesize and interpret. (Marks 20)
  • Demonstrating the breadth and depth of knowledge in chosen area of research. (Marks 10)
  • Ability to link the conceptual understanding with the given research scenario. (Marks 20)
  • Ability to connect, interpret and present the outcome of academic research to real time implications. (Marks 10)
  • Profound aptitude to accommodate and think laterally. (Marks 20)
  • Demonstrate good standards of written communication with appropriate choice of words pertaining to the research community. (Marks 20)

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