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MBA in International Business & Marketing

Master of Business Administration

International Business & Marketing

This program allows students to:

  • Apply marketing techniques on various business processes in UAE and international firms.
  • Analyze marketing strategies to meet the needs of firms operating in UAE and internationally.
  • Use knowledge and skills developed to add value to the firms in UAE/MENA region.

Career Boost and Professional Certifications

UD MBA in International Business & Marketing prepares students for career life as the program is aligned with international professional certifications & qualifications which will provide graduates with higher possibilities of placement in international companies, preference, and higher competitiveness among other job seekers. Below, is the international professional awarding body which is aligned to UD MBA in International Business & Marketing:

• Graduates will receive Chartered Institute of Marketing CIM Level 6 Professional diploma Award from UK after passing the exam

International Business & Marketing Curriculum Structure

# Course Code Course Name Pre-requisite
Core Courses 1 MBA 600 Managerial Economics
2 MBA 625 Business Research Methods
3 MBA 605 Marketing Management (Simulation-based course)
4 MBA 610 Accounting & Financing Decisions
5 MBA 620 Organizational Behavior (Simulation-based course)
6 MBA 630 Managing Services Operations and Projects (Simulation-based course)
7 MBA 640 Ethics, CSR & Corporate Governance
8 MBA 645 Strategic Management (Simulation-based course) 18 C.H
Specialized Courses 9 MIBM 701 Managing International Business & Culture 18 C.H
10 MIBM 721 International Marketing Strategies 18 C.H
11 MIBM 710 Brand Management and Marketing Communication 18 C.H
12 MIBM 711 Marketing Analytics 18 C.H
13 MLOM 700 Operations and Supply Chain Strategy 18 C.H
14 MLOM 720 Global Logistics and Transportation Management 18 C.H
Work-Based Project or 2 Electives 15 15th course has two options
  1. 18 weeks work-based Project (During Term 6 & 7)
  2. 2 additional elective courses (Term 8) if not interested in option 1
  1. 30 C.H
  2. 42 C.H

At the end of this program, students will be able to:

  1. Think critically and communicate effectively as managers through demonstrating effective professional oral & writing skills for business and making persuasive presentations at a managerial level.
  2. Work in and lead dynamic international and UAE organizational situations in business and management concepts through demonstrating effective leadership in a team setting, work effectively as a member of a work team, and produc quality deliverables from team work.
  3. Adapt and innovate to solve problems, cope with unforeseen events, and manage in unpredictable environments through effective use of quantitative and qualitative analytical tools. It also enables students to make and justify recommendations..
  4. Analyze ethical situations and justify alternatives across areas of concentrations.
  5. Adapt, apply, and analyze knowledge in new and unfamiliar circumstances through a conceptual understanding of relevant inter-disciplines.

MBA 600 Managerial Economics
The first section of this course covers essential concepts such as supply, demand elasticities, and efficiencies in industries. The subsequent section focuses on advanced topics in market analysis and the role of externalities and imperfect/ asymmetric info with specific reference to UAE/GCC/MEA economies.

MBA 625 Business Research Methods
This course advances students’ ability to think, adapt, build, apply, evaluate, and conduct business research in support of business decision making. Topics include research design process, designing a research proposal, selecting the research instrument, ascertain reliability and validity of instruments, scale measurements, sampling and data collection methods, using and interpreting the results of univariate and multivariate statistical techniques, and writing the final report.

MBA 605 Marketing Management
This course focuses on understanding customers with their preferences for designing appropriate products & services, determining appropriate products & services, conducting international relations, and determining appropriate methods to communicate, capture, and deliver value to customers.

MBA 610 Accounting & Financing Decisions
This course blends the use of information (financial and non-financial) for making operating and financing decisions. It links information to manage organizations and finance their activities. Topics covered include financial reporting and analysis, managing working capital, sources of financing business activities, equity analysis and valuation, risk analysis and decision-making under uncertainty, financial planning, and capital budgeting decisions.

MBA 620 Organizational Behavior
This course provides a framework for understanding the values, attitudes, and behaviors of an individual in an organizational setting. This course explains how individuals and groups function to achieve goals and why they succeed or fail in achieving these goals. Ultimately, this course teaches students how to manage behavior of individuals and groups within an organization in order to achieve organizational goals.

MBA 630 Managing Services Operations and Projects
This course reviews concepts and tools for effectively and efficiently managing service operations and successful projects within an organization. Upon successful completion of this course, students will gain the knowledge and confidence to manage any service industry project from beginning to end. Theory will be explored through examination of service operations & project management case studies. To add rigor to the course, the course curriculum will be aligned with Certified Associate of Project Management (CAPM) certification, an international certification offered by Project Management Institute (PMI).

MBA 640 Ethics, CSR & Corporate Governance
This course focuses on Corporate Social Responsibility, Corporate Governance, ethics and law within UAE and international context.

MBA 645 Strategic Management
This course is designed to integrate knowledge acquired from MBA Courses and apply it to the management of the firm at the Corporate and Strategic planning level. Hands on simulation of business game at the MBA level and case analysis assure the student has mastered the tools, techniques, and methods of the Strategic Management Process. In this course, students will act as managers making decisions that contribute to the success of a business.

MIBM 701 Managing International Business & Culture
This course introduces graduate level business students to the numerous challenges associated with managing multinational corporations (MNCs). Components of the course include: MNCs motivations and mentalities; environmental challenges associated with the increasingly global nature of the world economy; strategic and competitive challenges; strategic collaboration and alliances between MNCs operational and organizational challenges facing MNCs.

MIBM 721 International Marketing Strategies
This course presents an overview of the unique aspects of marketing in the global business environment. Emphasis will be placed on the role of international marketing manager in the development of marketing strategies for a variety of markets in diverse cultural, political, legal, and economic situations. Focus will be on developing and implementing appropriate marketing strategies regarding foreign market selection, target identification, adaptation of product, promotion, pricing, and channels of distribution for effective competition in the dynamically changing global market. The students will also either compete in an online completion, where students are gathered from around the world to compete in an international market on a real time basis, or in a simulation game to enhance their understating of the international marketing.

MIBM 710 Brand Management and Marketing Communication
This course focuses on understanding customers with their preferences for designing and determining appropriate products & services. It also explains the way to conduct international relations and determine appropriate methods to communicate, capture, & deliver value to customers.

MIBM 711 Marketing Analytics
This course focuses on the way market analytic techniques are redefined and re-engineered and covers the tools and methods used for measuring market performance. It specifically focuses on the techniques used for segmenting, targeting, branding, new product development, advertising, pricing, and distribution to measure market performance.

MLOM 700 Operations and Supply Chain Strategy
This course focuses on current trends in global supply chain design. There is an emphasis on strategies for efficient procurement, distribution, and operations of global supply chains.

MLOM 720 Global Logistics and Transportation Management
This course focuses on the importance of international Supply Chain Management (SCM). The coverage includes an over view of international logistics, global strategy for Logistics & SCM, structuring the global supply chain, international sourcing & distribution, role of ports & airports in international product movement, economics of international air & ocean carriers, freight forwarding industry, security & risk management for international supply chain.

Options 1 (Work-Based Project)
The purpose of this options is to provide applied learning experience through internship or through a work-based project in an organization. This course allows participants to demonstrate problem-solving skills, analyze highly complex issues with incomplete data, and develop innovative solutions and proposals relevant to an academic/professional field, field of work, or discipline.

This course also provides an important link between the organization and University of Dubai (UD). As such, the WBP should reflect a need of the organization while meeting the perceived needs and interests of students. Thus, students are required to develop an action-oriented management report. The ARP/WBP report must be of a rigorous academic/ professional standard. Students should note that this is a 6-credit hour course reflecting the depth and breadth of work needed from them.

Option 2 (Taking Two Additional Electives)
MBA International Business & Marketing students can choose any two of the following courses as electives:

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