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Alumni & Friends of University of Dubai Scholarship Fund (Financial Aid)

Alumni & Friends of University of Dubai Scholarship Fund (Financial Aid)

The objective of this program is to support the UD mission by providing financial support to incoming freshmen and existing UD undergrad students who meet the Financial Aid guidelines.

The Alumni Relations Office at University of Dubai, which launched the Friends of the University of Dubai Scholarship Funds (AFUDSF) Program back in 2013 in cooperation with the UD Alumni Association Board and led a series of prominent successful fundraising initiatives, is very determined to serve this cause and encourage UD alumni and philanthropists to continue helping students and graduates who are struggling with their study tuitions.

To be eligible for the Financial Aid, students must complete the application form.

Donations to the AFUDSF are always appreciated. If you are interested in becoming a donor, kindly provide you contact details in the form below.

For more information, you may call the Alumni Relations Office at 04-5566820 /822 or email us at