College of Engineering and IT Tackles Technologies of IoT Systems During Its Seminar

The College of Engineering and IT at the University of Dubai in collaboration with IEEE UAE Education Chapter held a seminar on October 26, 2017 to focus on IoT Systems-on-Chip (SoCs) and present it as a case study of IoT work in the UAE.

The seminar was organized as a part of the UAE SRC (Semiconductor Research Corp) Center of Excellence on Energy Efficient Electronic Systems which involves researchers from five UAE Universities looking at developing new technologies, aiming at innovative self-powered wireless sensing and monitoring SoC platforms. The research targets applications in self-powered chip sets for use in public health, ambient intelligence, safety and security and IoT.

As a keynote speaker at the seminar, Prof. Mohammed Ismail a prolific author and entrepreneur in the field of chip design and test, delivered a presentation entitled by “A Self-powered IoT SoC Platform for Wearable Health Care.” He also presented a novel fully integrated ECG signal processing system for the prediction of ventricular arrhythmia using a unique set of ECG features extracted from two consecutive cardiac cycles.

The event was attended by Dean of Engineering and IT Prof. Hussein Al-Ahmad and other engineering faculty members and students.


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