More than 15 PhD Students Attend Their Orientation

The University of Dubai(UD) organized an “Orientation Day” for its new PhD students for the Academic Year 2017-2018.

More than 15 students, mostly females, joined this year’s PhD program which is locally and internationally accredited by AACSB.

Dr. Eesa Bastaki, UD President, said that the program aims to enhance the role of research in the field of business management due to its significance and impact on all other sectors.

He pointed out that the development of nations is always linked to the development of research and studies carried out by university students, especially doctoral students.

“Students of the University of Dubai have done outstanding research in their field, which helps the labor market in the country and the Gulf region keep up with the present and future aspirations and innovations,” he added.

As part of the preparations for the new academic year, Dr. Mohamed Osman, the program’s director, and Dr. Ananth Rau, Dean of the College of Business Administration, held a meeting with the new students to brief them on how to successfully implement the program objectives, including writing the thesis.

This year’s students are distinguished by their diverse nationalities, the majority of female factor, and their effective roles as senior government and leadership managers in a number of local and federal government departments.

The program’s success was based on several positive factors and most importantly the quality and efficiency of the students who are joining the program every year. In fact, most of them have practical experience and distinguished competencies in the public and private sectors.


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