UD Professor Participates in “Istanbul Summer Academy of International Law 2017”

Associate Professor at University of Dubai (UD) Dr. Nasiruddeen Muhammad was invited to participate in “Istanbul Summer Academy of International Law 2017” on August 17th and 18th 2017.

He delivered a series of lectures on “International Energy Investments, the Risks and the Protection Methods,” “International Energy Transactions: Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Contracts,” “Drafting and Negotiating International Energy Contracts,” and “International Arbitration and Energy Disputes.” He also spoke about UD’s Master of Laws program (LLM) which offers degrees in two unique law fields including Arbitration & Dispute Resolution and Financial Crimes & Money Laundering.

The programme of the event, which was packed with networking activities, has attracted prominent law professors from all over the world, including professor Emeritus Richard Falk (Former UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights) of Princeton University.

Dr. Nasiruddeen Muhammad is a qualified legal practitioner in Nigeria, acquired training in numerous jurisdictions with many years of legal practice experience across many jurisdictions. He specializes in International Arbitration, International Economic Law (Investment & Trade), and Energy/Natural Resources Law.


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