UD Welcomes Worldwide Visitors in One Day

On May 21st, 2017, the University of Dubai (UD) welcomed visitors from across the world.

Dean Van de Velde of Erasmus University accompanied by the Economic Advisor of the Embassy of Netherlands, Jeroen Schillings, met UD’s faculty members and managers to discuss future collaborative activities and operationalize their mutual Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).


On the same day, another group of 25 students and 10 faculty members from the University of Milan – Biccoca visited UD to learn more about its course offerings and programs and participate in a class lecture on “How Business is done in Dubai” and “The Rich Arabic Culture.”

Moreover, UD President Dr. Eesa Bastaki together with Dean of College of Engineering and IT Dr. Hussain Al Ahmad and Director for the Undergraduate Programs Dr. Washika Haak Saheem welcomed the Italian delegation team. Dr. Yaprak Anadol, faculty member from Dubai Business School and Mr. Hikmat Beaini, Director of Marketing & Communications delivered the class lectures which were both very much appreciated by the visitors.

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