University of Dubai to Sponsor “Japan Dubai Smart City Week” in Japan

As a strategic partner, the University of Dubai (UD) is sponsoring the “JAPAN DUBAI SMART CITY WEEK” which will be held in Japan by Minds@Works Japan, the smart city strategy consultancy and event organizer, between 25th-29th of September, 2017. This Week includes “TOKYO-DUBAI 2020/MIDDLE-EAST 2030 SMART CITIES CONFERENCE” and “Kyoto Smart City Expo” events along with a tour for participants from the UAE and other international countries around several strategic Japanese cities including Tokyo, Kyoto, Toyota, Osaka and Kobe.  UD President Dr. Eesa Bastaki, as Chairman of previous and current conference edition, hosted at the University of Dubai will be a key leader of the Dubai delegation of more than 30 representatives from academic, private and government entities.

The main purpose of the “JAPAN DUBAI SMART CITY WEEK” is to provide opportunities that foster investment, innovation, growth and relationship between Japanese and Dubai/Middle-East Smart Cities stakeholders.

The main highlight of the “JAPAN DUBAI SMART CITY WEEK” will be the “TOKYO-DUBAI 2020/MIDDLE-EAST 2030 SMART CITIES CONFERENCE”, hosted at Ritz Carlton Tokyo on the second day on Sept 26th. Another highlight is the “Kyoto Smart City Expo”, the biggest smart city expo in Japan, which will take place on the fourth day, on Sept 28th.

Dr. Bastaki said: “Our role as an educational, research-based institution lies in providing the techniques and tools needed to build young, smart and innovative generations.” “Heading this journey to Japanese Smart Cities is essential to the growth and development of our beloved, smart and advanced city Dubai,” he said. He added that this journey goes in-hand with UD’s strategic plans which embrace the vision of the UAE to make Dubai the world’s smartest, and happiest city by Expo 2020.

Ms. Takako Okabe, Acting CEO of Minds@Works Japan, the smart city strategy consultancy and event organizer, said: “This Week in Japan also gives a particular focus on three cities: Dubai, Tokyo and Kyoto. For Dubai and Tokyo, Minds@Works Japan strives to create a bridge between the two cities which, by 2020, both aim at being the smartest city in the world”. Regarding Kyoto event, Minds@Works and the organizer of Kyoto Smart City Expo, through strategic partnership, aim at offering a Japanese platform to promote Dubai/Middle East Cities in Japan” added Ms. Takako Okabe.

Dr. Sed SAAD, University Professor and Principal Consultant, believes that Dubai Expo 2020, Tokyo Olympics 2020, Kyoto Smart City Expo and Osaka Expo 2025 efforts will lead the smart cities paradigm globally. Dr. Sed believes that the “Japan Dubai Smart City Week” will be an intensive learning week as participants will come across various meetings, attending sessions and visit related smart city projects.

For more information about “Japan Dubai Smart City Week,”  please visit : www.MiddleEast.Tokyo

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