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Congratulations to the First Batch of Halal Food Auditing Professional Diploma Program! 

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Congratulations to the First Batch of Halal Food Auditing Professional Diploma Program! 

Center for Executive Development at the University of Dubai (CED-UD) organized a virtual graduation ceremony for the first batch of the Halal Food Auditing Professional Diploma Program which has been developed jointly by Emirates International Accreditation Center (EIAC) and the educational strategic partner, the University of Dubai.  

The Professional Diploma aims to develop and provide new specialized programs with a practical touch that will meet the needs of the recent fast-growing Halal market and industry as well as the newly-developed international standards and requirements of the Halal industry auditing. 

The ceremony was held online in the presence of UD President Dr. Eesa Al Bastaki and Executive Director of the Emirates International Accreditation Center Ms. Amina Ahmed. 

The program included 9 students who obtained a professional diploma in conformity assessment and auditing of product manufacturing according to the requirements of the Islamic Sharia, animal welfare and Halal slaughtering guidelines. The Professional Diploma  has been designed for lead auditors, auditors, inspectors, internal auditors and quality assurance officers and managers and persons who are willing to promote their professional careers and obtain a professional qualification for this rapidly growing industry.  

Dr. Eesa Al Bastaki, President of the University of Dubai, said during the ceremony that the University is keen to shed light on these programs that are tailored  towards developing and bolstering the students’ professional sociocultural capabilities and backgrounds. “The main goal of this professional diploma is to provide skills needed by individuals involved in Halal production to progress their careers regardless of their country and geographical location,” he added. 

Dr. Al Bastaki also highlighted the fact that the Halal Diploma courses are designed to provide participants and students with foundational knowledge and skills in the areas of Halal Food production, consumer products and services that are globally in high demand. “These courses are recommended for those in production jobs, at colleges, food safety, regulatory bodies, Halal certification bodies, inspectors, research institutes and universities,” he added. 

In her speech during the ceremony, Ms. Ahmed said that the program represents a qualitative leap in careers and professional empowerment through a constructive partnership with a prestigious University, the University of Dubai. She said that the graduation ceremony marks the success of this program which is witnessing the graduation of nine students from different countries. “Through this professional diploma, we and the University of Dubai have managed to break the stereotypical and theoretical approach to educational roadmap in the field of halal conformity assessment,” she added. She also touched on how both organizations have jointly harnessed their accumulated experiences over the years to develop a program that provides participants and students with the knowledge and skills necessary for global auditing factories and halal production markets. 

CED Director Dr. Vidya Nandagopal indicated that the Halal Professional Diploma Program is one of the unique professional educational projects that are carried out between specialized local and international bodies represented by the Emirates International Accreditation Center and the University of Dubai. 

She pointed out that the professional diploma modules and courses have been uniquely developed by world renowned scientists and experts in Halal products industry and conformity assessment to prepare the future auditors and enhance the Halal Products Industry worldwide through focusing on the compliance and harmonization between the local, regional and international standards. 

She added that the professional diploma aspires to provide outstanding learning services in order to improve the job quality and income of individuals and operation staff in the Halal auditing industry. “The programme is interactive as it includes workshops that help people learn the necessary skills,  meet the needs of agencies and increase their competitive advantages at the workplace,” she said. 

It is worth noting that the specialized professional diploma program in the field of Halal products industry and trade acquire a great priority within the national strategic frameworks for the halal industry, which focuses on scientific and practical rooting and reviewing local and international requirements from the perspective of recognized international standards. A number of 7 international expert lecturers in the field of food and halal and Islamic legislative conformity assessment attended the program.