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End of Year Party

End of Year Party 2017
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End of Year Party

End of long and exhausting academic year is approaching with final exams just around the corner. Before you dig in and start spending sleepless coffee refilling days and nights, we wanted to have some fun. What better way to have fun than to throw a party?

Yes, we could have name it better but this time it was End of Year Party!

We, at Student Services Department thought it was a time for our students to show their talents. Even though some of the performers were nervous before their acts, they convinced spectators present that indeed, they did have something to show.

Let me give you a quick recap of the event.

The President of University of Dubai, Dr. Eesa Al Bastaki took the audience couple of decades back to old Dubai with a showcase of his personal collection of photos.  After Dr. Al Bastaki the stage was set for Kevork Hratch Kazandjian. He played a guitar and sang a couple of songs before Jweil Salem Ayyad arrived and showed her break dance skills. Mohammed Wael followed with football freestyle session, with help of Dr. Al Bastaki. Alumni Mohammed Amer and Emad Chehab singing with keyboard backing respectively, made all the crowd stand before we finished performances quietly thru poetry reading sessions by our Dean, Prof. Hussain Al Ahmad and undergraduate student Ahmad Ali Alnuaimi.

The party wasn’t over yet; it was time for audience to take the stage…karaoke followed.

It is worth to mention that party would never have been successful without your peers and hosts Sadaf Ijaz Ahmed and Matthew Farina.

Thank you all for coming and see you next year!

Don’t forget to check highlights below!