Alumni-Student Mentoring Program (ASMP)

The ASMP was launched in 2009 to bring students (mentees) and alumni (mentors) together to connect and interact. Students receive valuable advice and guidance as they transition from an academic world to a working world and the Alumni receive experience in a leadership role and the satisfaction of imparting insightful wisdom to new generation. If you are interested in becoming an Alumni Mentor/Mentee, please complete the following application form and submit to

Application Form (Students) - Mentee
Application Form (Alumni) - Mentor

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Alumni-Student Mentoring Program Events:

  1. Orientation Day: Held in the beginning of the first semester (Fall) after the mentoring pairs are formed.
  2. Networking Lunch: Held in the beginning of the second semester (Spring).
  3. Closing Ceremony: Held in the end of the second semester (Spring).

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