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About Library

Making knowledge and information accessible to faculty, students, staff, alumni and researchers in addition to providing high-quality services are the top priorities of the library. Alumni are also welcome to visit the library. The library provides in-depth resources for research and study.

Library Vision

To be the heart of the University of Dubai’s academic and research culture, and consequently to contribute to the intellectual activities of the University.

Library Mission

  • To be an integral part of the educational process with focus on meeting the diverse information needs of its academic community by utilizing the best possible resources and latest information technologies.
  • To maintain a strong and unique collection that satisfies faculty, students and researchers.
  • To provide an environment conducive to educational and research needs that facilitates access to scholarly resources.
  • To disseminate up-to-date information and research tools to enrich students’ learning experience, encourage exploration and research at all levels.

Library Objectives

  • Increase accessibility to the library’s collections and services.
  • Provide enhanced collection and services to facilitate the use of learning resources and the pursuit of knowledge.
  • Employ and retain competent and qualified professional and support staff for the successful implementation and maintenance of library operations.
  • Develop and maintain adequate facilities that are conducive to study and research, and foster a sense of academic community.
  • Ensure sustainability of library operations through ongoing analysis, planning, assessment and budgeting.


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