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A Delegation from the University of Dubai Visits Rashid Center for People of Determination

A delegation of staff and students from the University of Dubai (UD) headed by Dr. Nasser Al Muraqab, Chief Operating Officer Director General of the Rashid Center for People of Determination Maryam Othman received. During the visit, UD staff and students were informed about the rehabilitation, treatment and educational services provided by the center for people of determination and were briefed on the goals the center has achieved in the past years. The delegation in return have distributed gifts and flowers to the people of determination and expressed their happiness in visiting the center.

In his speech, Dr. Al-Muraqab expressed his happiness with this visit and said: “We are delighted to visit the Rashid Center for People of Determination, as this visit gave us an insight about all the services it provides to its students.” He explained how UD students have enjoyed touring around the center, meeting its people, learning about their achievements, and attempting to draw a smile on their faces. He said that this visit opened our eyes to what the people of determination are capable of doing in all aspects and disciplines and highlighted the importance of integrating their social activity within the framework of the academic and educational fields. “We at UD are interested in embracing and encouraging those talented people who are gifted with creativity, positivity and determination,” he said. Our role as an educational institution lies in our ability to help them excel at achieving their goals and aspirations to succeed in life, he added. In the end, he expressed his deepest gratitude towards all UD students and staff for their continuous encouragement and sense of social responsibility towards charitable causes.

In her thank-you note, Othman stressed the importance of building solid relationships between the center and educational institutions in the country. She said: “Our relationship with the University of Dubai is long-standing as we are honored to welcome the University’s delegation to the center.” She added that this visit reflects the authenticity of the Emirati society and its interest in the people of determination. She highlighted the significance of such visits in deepening connections with educational institutions, stimulating research and specialized studies, and examining their special needs which can lead us to achieve qualitative progress and new services capable of transferring the cause of the people of  determination to broader horizons. “The steps taken by the University of Dubai, and the facilities it provides to the people of determination within its campus reflect the extent of interest and keenness for people of determination to receive education, and to provide them with the opportunity to obtain the high academic degrees they aspire to earn in all disciplines,” she added.


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