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University of Dubai Celebrates 5 years of Alumni-Student Mentoring Program

The University of Dubai (UD) Alumni Association celebrated at Dubai Chamber, Five Years Anniversary of it Alumni-Student Mentoring Program (ASMP). Dr Eesa Bastaki, UD president congratulated the Alumni Association describing UD mentors as heart-giving individuals who believe in community education. He said that "mentoring involves exchange of ideas between those who experienced success in education and those who are about to discover that experience." Bastaki reiterated his support for the Alumni Association in its quest to provide best opportunities to its members.

Ms. Amina Al Mazak, Director of the Alumni and Students Services Department, thanked all mentors for their commitment and said that UD was the first university in UAE to initiate and implement (ASMP). She added that "introducing the ASMP to the alumni and students and get them proactively involved in it wasn't not an easy task and without the outstanding support and the dedication of some alumni ambassadors to this initiative we would not be here today."

Since its inception in May 2009, a lot of efforts were invested by the Alumni Relations Team and a committed selection of alumni to make this program work by creating opportunity for alumni to provide meaningful support to UD students.

The event was an opportunity to honor mentors who have participated in the program for the last 5 years. During the event which was also attended by faculty members, participants have the chance to reconnect with their former partners and showcase their mentoring accomplishments.

Following a presentation by Ms. Al Marzak about the 5 years accomplishment, Dr. Eesa Bastaki presented every mentor a book called "The Heart of Mentoring" by David Stoddard. The book states the "Ten Proven Principles for Developing People to Their Fullest Potential."

The University of Dubai Alumni Association (UDAA) is the official group for graduates of the University of Dubai (UD). The UDAA is open to all graduates of the University, regardless of College, major or graduation year. The activities and programs of the UDAA are overseen and supported by its Board of Directors. The Board is made up of 16 members and additional voluntary members who volunteer their time, effort and resources to serve the UD alumni community.

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