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University of Dubai Workshop Identifies Key Factors in Creating Smarter Employees

Work Intelligence, Professional Etiquettes and Positive Work Environment highlighted as focal areas

Published: 17 November 2015

A workshop organized by University of Dubai has identified Work Intelligence, Professional Etiquettes and Positive Work Environment as three important elements that go into creating smarter employees. Focused on the topic ‘Smarter Employee Performance’, the workshop at Dubai Healthcare City was attended by a group of government employees from the UAE Ministry of Education, Dubai Customs, Dubai Cable, Abu Dhabi Learning Institute and other government entities.

Commenting on the workshop, Dr. Eesa Bastaki, president of University of Dubai said: “University of Dubai is committed to creating programmes that contribute to improved human resources capabilities. The workshop on Smarter Employee Performance highlights our sustained efforts to identify enhanced efficiency standards based on the market needs and the country’s strategic direction.”

The event, moderated by Hikmat Beaini, Director of Communications at University of Dubai, pointed out that some people believe that Smarter Employees Performance means being ‘smarter in dealing with new technologies and gadgets’ while others believe it means ‘working smarter not harder’ or ‘being clever enough to work less for more’. In contrast, the workshop defined Smarter Performance beyond capabilities in modern technologies or traditional concept of smartness.

It identified Work or Employment Intelligence as the art of working smart during work hours – dealing with colleagues, managers, customers and stakeholders smartly to achieve more tasks and produce better results.

Stressing the importance of controlling emotions at workplace, participants said it is possible to eliminate difficult emotions before it can interfere with life by avoiding circumstances that trigger unwanted emotions or modifying the situation. They also suggested shifting the focus of attention, changing thoughts and responses as effective techniques to control emotions.

The workshop discussed various types of etiquettes, including Social Etiquette, Communications Etiquette, Dining Etiquette, and Body-Language Etiquette, describing them as critical to achieving successes in professional life.

The workshop also discussed work behaviour, stating that work behaviour is normally formal, but varies from profession to profession. People are usually more careful at workplace in their interactions with colleagues, as some actions, which may be intended in jest, can be perceived as inappropriate or even harassment in the work environment. In some cases, employees hurt others using discriminatory words based on sex, nationality, disability, religion and others, the workshop pointed out.

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