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The Center for Executive Development at UD Starts off September with Launching its Online Training Programs

Online Training Programs
The Center for Executive Development (CED) at the University of Dubai (UD) launched on September 1st, 2016 its Online Training Programs led by expert instructors during a meeting held at UD’s Board Room.

The meeting was headed by UD President Dr. Eesa Bastaki and attended by CED members, UD school Deans, and other departments’ representatives. Dr. Bastaki thanked the CED members for this initiative and those who exerted recognizable efforts in working hard to fulfill UD’s 5-year strategic plan that demands establishing a unique e-learning experience for its students. “Creating professional, convenient, and credible online programs is not easy at all and needs plenty of experience. But thank God we do have it here at UD,” he continued, “Our next step is to launch Online Academic Schools not only courses and programs,” he concluded.

The programs, as the Director of CED Dr. Vidya Nandagopal explained, are categorized into “Short Programs” and “Career Programs” each of offers a wide range of subjects, fields, and interests more than 18 subcategories with over 400 programs. She added that “these programs are unique since they are more advanced in the sense that they are more interactive and provide better online assistance for e-learners. In fact, students will be able to take exams, interact with their instructors, and get a certificate upon completing the course requirements.”

Discussing the purpose of these programs, she stated: “These programs would definitely play an essential role in providing learning skills to help people achieve professionalism at all levels, ages and stages. Furthermore, these exclusively online courses would even create a common ground for people coming from different cultural, social, and educational backgrounds.”

As part of an international web-portal services, CED will offer different learning categories ranging from accounting and finance to computer applications, design, healthcare, teaching, technology and publishing.

For more information about CED and the online programs, please visit: online-training-programs

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