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University of Dubai Signs Six Agreements Reinforcing «Quality Education»

quality education
Bastaki: Our role resides in building a solid, high-quality educational base for our students

The University of Dubai (UD) signed seven Memoranda of Understanding (MoU) in October with Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (ICT Fund- TRA), Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company (du), Smart Dubai, BCS The Chartered Institute for IT and Erasmus University Rotterdam emphasizing quality education, professionalism, efficiency and progress at all levels.

On October 6th, Dr. Bastaki signed a MoU with Erasmus University Rotterdam (#1 Ranking in the Netherlands) at UD to build and ensure a mutually beneficial academic partnership between both parties.

On October 16th, the first day of Gitex Technology Week 2016, UD President Dr. Eesa Bastaki signed two agreements with ICT Fund- TRA which is granting the university 42 million dirhams to fund the College of Engineering and IT and 12 scholarships to aid its students.

On the same day, Dr. Bastaki signed another MoU with Smart Dubai, an initiative anchored in the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum to make Dubai the happiest city on earth, to advance Dubai’s life style in terms of positivity, progress, and prosperity.

On October 19th, du and UD signed an agreement to collaborate on 5G and Internet of Things (IoT) development under a program entitled UAE 5G Innovation Gate (U5GIG). The agreement recognizes the importance of UD in facilitating research and technical support in terms of services, equipment, and other resources.

To incubate its student’s potentials in building a highly advanced city in general and facilitating the RTA’s Drone Service project in specific, UD signed a MoU with RTA on October 23rd at UD in Academic City.

On October 30th, UD signed a MoU with BCS The Chartered Institute for IT during its 4th conference which was organized by both parties and held in Abu Dhabi.

Commenting on these agreements, Dr. Bastaki expressed his appreciation to all organizations and entities that have recently signed a MoU with UD saying: “Our role as a university resides in building a solid, high-quality educational base for our students to enhance their capabilities and encourage them to create and innovate. By signing these agreements, we are fulfilling this goal and playing a major role in advancing research and education which will inevitably develop the eco-system, technological advancement, and society in the UAE.”

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