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School Counselors Require Extra Support from Universities and Employers

More than 35 counselors from the UAE schools and institutions gathered at the University of Dubai (UD) on March 13th, 2017 to attend “Jobs, Careers, and Market Trends in 2017” seminar which aimed at highlighting the most prominent jobs, careers, and market trends in 2017 to help councilors around the UAE guide students through their careers.

During the seminar, counselors raised their concerns regarding students’ future job opportunities, and tried to figure out the gap between employer’s requirements and students’ studies. They also recommended adaptation in both of the legal and education sectors to immerse more of practical and hand-on learning approach.

As a keynote speaker at the seminar, Ms. Rania Nseir, Business Development Director at, delivered a detailed presentation on the future jobs, careers, and market trends. She also underlined the key skill sets sought by employers to hire potential students and market requirements in terms of majors and specialization. “The top three soft skills that employers are looking for to recruit fresh graduates are communications, teamwork and ability to work under pressure,” Nseir said. “My advice to fresh graduates is to be honest with their true passions and build a unique personal branding.”

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