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University of Dubai Students Design Largest UAE Flag from Recycled Papers

uaeflag recycled paper

The Environmental Club students at the University of Dubai (UD) designed the first and largest UAE flag, made from recycled papers to highlight the significance of recycling in protecting the environment of the UAE.

The preparation of the flag took four months. The first model was presented at the National Day 2017 celebration which was organized by the University’s Department of Student Services in presence of Dr. Eesa Bastaki, UD President, and UD students, staff and faculty members.

Boushra Rami, President of the Environmental club at UD, said that the flag was presented at the Environment Friends Society event which was held in cooperation with Abu Dhabi Police as part of its National Day celebrations.

"We are currently planning a huge opening ceremony for the flag in February 2018. The ceremony will be sponsored by prestigious companies and institutions and will be held on the National Environment Day 2018,” she said. She added that the event will be taking place at the University of Dubai as it will witness the participation of a number of companies specialized in environmental problems and sustainability issues. 

In addition, she pointed out that the they are working to set a world record by introducing the flag to The Guinness World Records as the largest environment-friendly flag.

She also spoke about the four creation stages of the flag went through starting with collecting four tons of papers and recycling them, the second stage included coloring the recycled papers using environmental-friendly materials, the third stage cutting and quilling the papers and finally designing the flag.

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