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About the center

What is ICDC?

The University of Dubai (UD) considers one of the most important channels bringing together the College, the students, and the job market. Moreover, internship is the most valuable way to integrate the academic environment with real-life practice through applied project work


Offer quality career services and resources to meet our stakeholders’ ever changing needs.


  •  Serve as a link between student, alumni and employers
  • Effectively assist students and alumni in preparing for lifelong career development.
  •  Provide support and services for employers to recruit UD talents in the most effective way.


  • Develop /sustain relationships with employers for the purpose of securing internships and full time employment opportunities for students and graduates.
  • Provide information about the world of work that will assist students and graduates in making long-range educational and career plans and obtain suitable jobs.
  • Deliver high quality career and job search programs, resources and events.
  • Build extensive network for all UD stakeholders.


  • Quality: Commitment to excellence in services.
  • Fairness: Equitable treatment and equal access to opportunities for all stakeholders.
  • Collaboration: Teamwork within ICDC and collaboration with other departments and external entities, resulting in synergy.

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Ms. Veronica Montero

Internship & Career Development Administrator

+971 4 55 66 825

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