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About Student and Alumni Affairs

The Student and Alumni Affairs (SAA) unit at University of Dubai (UD), provides a wide range of services and programs to help students grow personally and professionally while enjoying your higher education experience at UD.

Besides, we offer an incredible abundance of engagement opportunities inside and outside the classroom that meets diverse interests and needs. We believe that through engagement in these activities you will be challenged to think
critically and act creatively and responsibly. You will also learn to appreciate diverse perspectives, and improve your interpersonal skills.

All of us at UD – faculty, administrators, and staff are standing by you to help you think through choices. The Department of Students Services (DSS) is one of the critical departments which you will need to approach whenever you strive for excellence, seek help or look for support while facing any difficulty in your academic journey. To care about your physical and mental health, we also plan numerous activities, trips, sport games and tournaments.

Moreover, the Internship and Career Development Center staff takes this trust at heart by providing you with several opportunities and steps toward a purposeful and fulfilling career. So, never be afraid to ask for some of their time.

Finally, please remember that we are all committed to make your higher educational journey at the University of Dubai not only exceptional but very special experience.

We take this opportunity to wish you a fruitful academic year!

Amina El Marzak
Manager, Student & Alumni Affairs
Tel: 04 556-6820 (Direct)


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