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Read About Our Response to COVID-19

“A study of leadership, technology and business continuity to combat COVID – 19 crisis management in the UAE”

COVID 19 has forced organizations to go online. While virtual teamwork is not new to organizations, COVID 19 has brought some characteristics to the table. Our paper aims to focus on how organizations can quickly adapt to working in a post COVID 19 world by answering the following research questions:

  • How does remote working affect different kinds of work?
  • What employee level factors build trust and psychological safety in virtual teams?
  • What can leaders / managers do to ensure employee involvement and engagement in virtual teams?
  • How can organizations quickly adapt its systems and structures to suit the changing landscape?
  • What collaboration and communication technologies can promote knowledge sharing and trust?

Dr.Arun Prasad

Associate Professor & Sr. Consulting Partner Director & Chair – Center of Business Research and Consultancy (CBRC) Corporate Trainer, CED

+971 4 5566 907

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