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“Analyzing supply chain vulnerability under COVID - 19”

  • Supply chains are global which link different international actors using multi-modal transportation networks from all over the world. Although some supply chain networks have implemented different risk management tools and protocols, COVID 19 has highlighted that risks can exceed the control of one supply chain to impact the entire network in which it operates. The impact of the COVID 19 outbreak is penalizing all the supply chain networks worldwide.

    Temporary supply disruption and transportation delay could be managed by the security inventory levels. Under prolonged delay and disruption, could companies be forced to restructure their supply chain networks design, and to rethink about the Lean and JIT manufacturing process? To be able to answer these questions, managers need to analyze and to evaluate the different interactions and the potential links between the SC management methods and strategies (such as Lean JIT, outsourcing, offshoring, single sourcing, etc.) and risk disruptions.


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