How to organize an event?

Think about your event thoroughly. Try to answer:

Is my event in line with goals and purpose of my organization?

How will my next event be of benefit to fellow members and UD community?

Do we have resources to organize this event and is it in our budget for the semester (year)?

If your answers to questions above confirm that your future event is fulfilling all the requirements you are ready for next step.

Step 1

Set date, time and venue.

Who is allowed to attend your event – fellow members from the club, all students, alumni, open to public?

How are you going to promote your event?

Step 2

Draw up a budget for your event. Download Event Budget Template and explore example if you need more help. This is for your own consideration, to understand what various costs one event can include.

Step 3

At least 5 weeks before the event/project submit to UDSU Treasurer Student Organization Event Planning Form, if you don’t need any funds.

Once this is submitted, you will need to wait for it to be approved before you do anything else. Please see How Clubs & Organizations are spending money? and see Step 4.

If you need funding, please see How Clubs & Organizations are spending money? and continue from Step 2.

Step 4

Hold your event and enjoy.

How to prepare a budget plan for whole semester (year) for your organization?

Every semester (year), every club or organization must prepare and submit Student Organization Report Form to the Clubs & Organization Officer. This is in order to control disbursements (payments) to the organizations.

Important part of the report is a financial plan of your organization for the following (next) semester. Please use Student Organization Budget Template


How Clubs & Organizations are spending money?

Step 1

Ensure your organization has sent Calendar of your events to UDSU Clubs & Organizations Officer and that Calendar is approved.

Step 2

At least 1 month before the event/project submit to UDSU Treasurer Student Organization Event Planning Form with Purchase Request Form (PRF) stating all services and/or products you require to purchase for your event. This authorizes the Union to place the order on your behalf. For items costing 500 AED and more ensure that you have at least 3 quotes (offers) from different suppliers attached.

Please make sure you clearly indicate which quote or order you want to be placed – you do not have to use the cheapest quote, but you should use the quote that offers the best value for money for your organization’s needs.

Step 3

After UDSU Treasurer confirms PRF form is properly filled, with all quotes provided he forwards PRF to DSS which follows the standard UD Purchasing Procedure to obtain the UD President’s approval on all purchases.

Step 4

Once approved, Academic or Social Events Officer (depending of the type of event/project, academic or social) deals directly with concerned organization.