What is Student Organization?

A student organization or student society, student association, university society is an organization or a society, operated by students at a university or a college institution, whose membership typically consists only of students and/or alumni. That is how Wikipedia defines student society or student organization. Student organization is a voluntary group of people based around common interest such as hobby, cause or professional development.    

Why to start Student Organization?

You like to play basketball, football…or tennis maybe? Nah, not everyone is into sports but you like to debate about current environment subjects…or only just like to read a good book? What about finding likeminded group of people with whom you can share and compare your ideas or reveal passion for certain things? Join existing university club & organization or start a new one, if your interest is not covered.

Who is the first contact for Student Organizations?

Clubs & Organizations Officer of the Student Union is the first point of contact for all the matters of clubs & organizations.

How to register Student Organization?

To register you need to fill and submit online Student Organization Registration Form.

Why do I need to upload Student Organization Constitution?

Constitution is a legal document that sets out the activities and procedures of an organization. Constitution is required because it defines how your organization is constituted, what principles and guidelines are followed. We advise you to build your organization constitution using Student Organization Constitution Example.

What are Student Organization Bylaws?

Bylaws are rules that cover particular areas of the constitution and are usually operational in nature. For example, registration procedures or requirements for officer positions. Download Student Organization Bylaws.

What is the role of an advisor?

Advisor is someone who is able to help organization with UD and with UAE regulations/guidelines. An advisor should be interested in the purpose and function of the organization and he/she should be involved in organization’s operations. Education and transition of officers, supervising events and guiding the organization are examples of advisor duties.

Who can be an advisor for my organization?

Full-time or part-time faculty or staff member or an alumnus who has an interest in serving as an advisor.

After I submit the online registration form, is my organization registered?

Not yet. We need to check if your organization and its officers satisfy all requirements and verify advisor approvals. After few days Clubs & Organizations Officer will contact you about the further needed details or confirm your new organization.

Do organizations have to re-register every year?

Yes, registration is only for one year and expires on 31st of October. Re-registering of organizations is starting from September.

Do all registered student organizations automatically receive funding once they are registered?

No, funding is only available through the Student Union grant application. Each approved Club & Organization shall make a report each semester to the Clubs & Organizations Officer as part of their grant application for the following semester, by no later than two weeks before current semester Final Exams. Student Organization Report Form

Is there an online calendar for posting student organization events?

After you provide Event Planning Form and your event is approved we will post your event under Events section of the site.

How can I design and print posters/flyers for my organization?

There are two ways to do this. If your organization has a member who is apt in graphic design you can design your materials on your own.

In any other case UDSU Media Officer will help with material for activity the organization is planning. University is not offering any printing services, thus printing of banners/posters must be included in the Purchase Form Request for a particular event.

How does my organization reserve a room on the campus?

You may request space on campus online at Contact.  For questions regarding events on campus or space reservations, please contact Academic Events or Social Events Officer: academic.events@ud.ac.ae or social.events@ud.ac.ae.