The Department of Student Services (DSS) at the University of Dubai provides a variety of quality programs and activities designed to foster student development, promote retention and enhance the overall university experience.


DSS strives to create a multicultural campus community that promotes learning outside the classroom and inspires students to develop their full potential.


Prepare students to shoulder responsibilities on and off campus as progressive and engaged global citizens.


  1. Provide quality programs, initiatives and accessible support services that enhance student non-academic life and promote student success.
  2. Foster student life experience and promote personal development, diversity, leadership and responsible citizenship.
  3. Cultivate positive relationships with internal and external constituencies to promote a positive image of the University of Dubai (UD) and its student services.
  4. Operate facilities that distinguish Student Services at UD as an enjoyable and welcoming environment for a culturally diverse student population.
  5. Enhance student retention and quality of student services through continual improvement.