Nature awareness and Mleiha discoveries

Nature Awareness

University of Dubai students attending Emirati Studies in Mrs. Reham Milhem class, had an opportunity to discover what is so special about Mleiha. Last Thursday, November 9th 2017, guest lecture: Nature Awareness was presented by Ajmal Hasan, Education Manager at Mleiha Archaeological Center.

Mr. Hasan displayed many images of flora and fauna and convinced us that there is life in dry, desert areas of Mleiha.



On Friday, November 10th 2017, University of Dubai students, alumni, together with faculty and staff members went on a field trip to Mleiha Archaeological Center. The trip succeeded previous day lecture held at university. After visiting the museum and learning about geology and archaeology of the area students went on outdoor tour visiting places like graveyard, reconstructed palace and dwellings from the pre Arabic periods.


During desert safari students visited Fossil Rock and Camel Rock – limestone creations surrounded by dunes.