Orientation Day – Bida’yaat

At the beginning of each semester, DSS organizes an orientation program for new students called “BIDAYAAT.” BIDAYAAT aims to ensure a smooth and successful start-up at UD and help new students familiarize themselves with university life. It also gives students a chance to meet classmates, faculty, and staff.

Awards Programs

1. Honor Student Award

Every year, SAA hosts an event to recognize the high academic performance for students with CGPA of 3.2 and above. Students’ parents are also invited to share their children’s academic achievement.

2. Student Life Awards Ceremony (SLAC)

At the end of the academic year, the university holds a presentation ceremony to honor students whose contributions to the university community showed outstanding commitment and effort. These include organizers of successful events and individuals who took leadership positions in all aspects of student life such as the Student Council, student clubs, and sports teams. Companies which sponsor SAA events are also invited and awarded in recognition for their contributions to students’ functions.

Social and Cultural Programs

At the center of our support for social and cultural programs is our commitment to education. To support our belief that education is our future, SAA organizes several social and cultural events to further its goal of breaking down barriers between cultures and celebrate diversity in different ways promoting relations between UD and the community. The university conducts vibrant and extensive social and cultural programs. The majority of events are hosted in UAE and sometimes outside UAE to raise UD students’ awareness of other cultures.

International Trips

DSS organizes international trips with the purpose of further enhancing the learning and instilling a deeper understanding and appreciation of other cultures’ initiatives and sustainable development programs.

Sports and Recreational Programs

Intramural activities offer an opportunity for students to compete against their peers in a friendly environment. In our events, we emphasize sportsmanship and fair play. The intramural sports schedule includes, but is not limited to, football, basketball, bowling, billiards, and foosball tournaments. UD sports clubs compete against higher education institutions as part of the Higher Education Sports Federation, which consists of colleges and universities in Dubai and around the UAE.

Volunteering Programs

UD provides several volunteering programs to students by participating in many events that promote a positive impact on the community and improve the quality of life for others. These programs also help raise the awareness of students and learning from different perspectives.

Students’ Union

SAA strongly supports the establishment of an elected University of Dubai Student Union (UDSU) to develop a sense of belonging, foster an independent, pro-active and responsible student body and to provide a range of social, cultural, sporting and recreational activities in which students can participate. The UDSU election is held in the Fall semester of each academic year (October/November).

Student Clubs & Organizations

Student Organizations are an integral part of the learning process at UD as they allow students with a wide range of interests such as sports, music, recreation, as well as cultural and social issues to pursue personal interests and hobbies outside the classroom, learn leadership skills by handling responsibilities, and just generally have fun.

Student Union (UDSU) and The Department of Student Services (DSS) provides all the needed guidance to organize and register your group and identify appropriate faculty advisors. As a recognized student organization, the club will have access to funds generated from activity fees. If a student doesn’t see a group that meets his/her interest, s/he can simply start their own in consultation with UDSU Clubs & Organization Officer.

Student Engagement in External activities

Students get the chance to learn and meet leaders from the UAE government, entrepreneurs, champions of innovation and future leaders.

It also gives them the chance to network and interact with peers and professionals from the business field.