Welcome to the University of Dubai Students’ Union!

What is Students’ Union?

University of Dubai Students’ Union (UDSU) is you. All registered students at University of Dubai are members of the Union; whether you are undergraduate or graduate, full time or part time, unless you have chosen to opt out.

In the very core of every union is representation. UDSU is no different. Representing students’ collective voice and providing support if students need help is the prime responsibility of UDSU.

UDSU also runs sport clubs and student organizations.

Members of the Students’ Union Cabinet

The process of revamping of UDSU is finished. This means we had updated all polices and documents regarding UDSU. You can see new Constitution, Bylaws and Handbook links on the right side of the page.

Winner of Elections were Ahmad Alnauaimi and Maithaa Alshuweihi. They are new President and Vice – President, respectively. Students holding other leader positions in the Union, such as Treasurer and College Representatives are shown below.

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