Visit to Mleiha Archaeological Center

Department of Student Services (DSS), together with University of Dubai Environmental Club is happy to invite you to visit Mleiha Archaeological Center.

New experience and adventure. Meet with the past and have fun!

What you will learn from this trip?

  • Understand museum guiding principles and methods
  • Understand principles of archaeological research
  • Understand ancient history and culture of the UAE
  • Learn about ecotourism and archaeological tourism
  • Learn about different archaeological time periods and their significance to the region
  • Learn how humans lived in the Mleiha region from ancient times to present day
  • Learn about anthropology and how human migration occurred during the Paleolithic period
  • Learn methodologies of dating artifacts (both organic and inorganic)
  • Learn about archaeology of Mleiha in specific and the UAE in general

Embark on a journey back through time and experience the history of traditional Emirati life.

What you will do?

  • Investigate the geological diversity of the Mleiha region
  • Conduct field work within a contained learning environment including classifying a group of fossils, rocks and minerals
  • Understand and differentiate between time periods as related to archaeology, anthropology and geology


We wish to thank our alumnus Rashed Khoory, an active member of Environmental Club, without whom this trip wouldn’t be possible.


Date/Time: Friday 10th November, 8am – 3pm

Meet up: 8:15am in front of UD main building

Discounted price for students only: 40 AED

Deadline for application: Tuesday, 7th of November

Limited number of seats: 30


Seats are limited, hurry up! Visit us at DSS office on 2nd floor, room 203 and book your place.

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