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UD Welcomes 2021-2022 Spring Freshmen 

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UD Welcomes 2021-2022 Spring Freshmen 

Department of Students Services at the University of Dubai (DSS-UD) welcomed the University’s freshmen during its 2021-2022 Spring Orientation Day “Bidayaat” which was held both virtually and onsite at the University’s campus in Academic City.

More than 50 freshmen, UD students, staff and faculty members attended the event which aims at helping new students get excited about starting college, meeting new people, and learning about the University’s policies and expectations. 

UD President Dr. Eesa Al Bastaki, who participated online through ZOOM, congratulated the students for choosing the University of Dubai as their new home. “We operate as one family in this University which supports open-door practices and one-to-one communication,” he said.

 “Local Roots. Global Reach is not  just our slogan, but also a motto and a mission statement that we are keen to achieve and maintain throughout our journey at the University,” He added.

UD Provost Dr. Hussein Al Ahmed provided primary administrative direction and leadership in his welcome speech. “Our role is to build a solid base for future leaders and entrepreneurs. We aim at creating an environment that encourages students to innovate and unleash their potential,” he said. 

Chief Operating Officer at UD Dr. Nasser Al Muraqabalso delivered a speech for the attendees. He welcomed new students on board and emphasized the importance of enjoying the University life and of being punctual to achieve success on all levels and aspects. “Punctuality is the main factor for success,” he said. 

DSS Director Haitham Al Maaini, who also joined the event through ZOOM, highlighted the importance of social bonding and building connections during the study period. “This is our first physical Orientation in two years. So make sure to get the best of it, engage with each other and meet your staff and faculty members who are here to assist you,” he added.

Following speeches delivered by UD Alumni and current students sharing success stories, DSS prepared a raffle draw and games for attendees. 

Over the past years, student orientation programs have succeeded in preparing new students for the transition to university life. They have also provided them with the opportunity to meet existing students and gain knowledge from their experience at UD.