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Prof. Wathiq Mansoor

Prof. Wathiq Mansoor

Dean – College of Engineering and Information Technology

+971 4 5566 931

+971 4 5566 931

Wathiq Mansoor is an esteemed Professor at the University of Dubai, renowned for his extensive academic leadership experience in esteemed universities worldwide. He holds a Ph.D. in Computer Engineering from Aston University in the UK, where his research focused on the design and implementation of multiprocessor systems and communication protocols for computer vision applications. With a strong foundation in Computer Engineering, Dr. Mansoor's current research interests lie in the domains of Artificial Intelligence, intelligent systems, and security. He leverages his expertise in neural networks and deep learning models to develop innovative solutions for various applications.

Dr. Mansoor's contributions to the field of Computer Science and Engineering are widely recognized, evident in his impressive publication record comprising over 200 journal and conference papers. In recent years, his work has particularly emphasized the advancements and applications of Artificial Intelligence. He consistently strives to push the boundaries of knowledge and promote cutting-edge research in this rapidly evolving field.

Apart from his scholarly pursuits, Dr. Mansoor is an accomplished organizer of international and national conferences and workshops. His ability to bring together experts and researchers from diverse backgrounds demonstrates his commitment to fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing within the academic community.

Furthermore, Dr. Mansoor actively engages in mentoring and supervising the next generation of computer engineers and innovators. He has successfully guided numerous Ph.D. and undergraduate projects, empowering students to contribute meaningfully to the field. Additionally, he has co-supervised several postgraduate students through research collaborations with international research groups, enabling them to benefit from global perspectives and expertise.

Overall, Dr. Mansoor's remarkable contributions to the field of Computer Science and Engineering continue to inspire and shape the minds of students and professionals alike. His dedication to research, teaching, and academic leadership is instrumental in driving advancements in Artificial Intelligence and fostering innovation in the field.
  • Ph.D., Computer Engineering, Aston University, UK
  • M.S c., Electronic Engineering, University of Technology, Iraq
  • B.Sc., Electrical Engineering, University of Baghdad, Iraq
  • IEEE
Professional Qualification

Summary of Achievements

  • Development of Huawei AI lab
  • Development of Innovation and Entrepreneurship center
  • Working on University of Dubai Re-Licensure
  • 2018-2020: Successful Supervision of 5 D. students in the field of innovation in business.
  • Development of Two research labs, Mohamad Bin Rashid Space Center Lab and DESC
  • Development of new engineering programs at University of Dubai 2016-
  • Senior Consultant at University of Dubai in fields of Innovations in Business and Technologies supporting Industries in Innovation and Patents road-map
  • Judging Committee member for Drones for Good 2016-2017. (
  • Research Scholar at Stanford University in the field of Intelligent Mobile Systems for Medical Applications Summer 2015.
  • Research Scholar at UC Berkley in the field of Smart
  • Development of the ABET Accredited Computer Engineering Program at American University in Dubai, 2008 and 2014.
  • Establishment of Center of Research and Education for Smart Technologies at AUD, since 2010. (
  • Development of the Information Systems Curriculum at Zayed University, 2002
  • Development of the Computer Engineering Curriculum at Sharjah University, 1998
  • IEEE Executive member UAE section
  • Steering Committee member of the Middle East Conference on Biomedical Engineering, Next Conference will be in Turkey 2016
  • Steering Committee Member of the National Mobile Contest held every year ( nprocess of establishing a Semantic Interoperability study group within
  • IBM Faculty Award 2009 (
  • Engineering Letters Editoral board member( Organizing severalinternational Conferences and Workshops.
  • Publishing many conferences and workshop proceedings, Books, Book Chapter, Journals, and Referred Conference papers.

Academic Leadership Experience

  • Development of Universities Hierarchal Systems
  • Development of new programs in
  • Academic experience in various prestigious
  • A vision toward research and innovation in higher education.
  • Extensive research records, even while in teaching
  • Proven ability to attract funding from industry, to develop and manage a team to complete funded
  • Proven ability to manage and work with colleagues of varying status and cultural
  • Observable strategic planning skills, including the assessing and transforming of curricular programs, teaching methods and tools, and improving processes to run more
  • The development of research center for smart technologies (CREST) 2012, which included collaborating with industry through joint research projects that are industry driven, providing advanced training to the professionals to enhance their technical skills, and to provide smart software solutions to the business and the industry in UAE.
Teaching Areas
Research Methods, Communication Networks, Digital Electronics, Digital Logic, Microprocessors, Software Engineering.
Work Experience
2016-present Professor, Dean of Engineering &IT College, and Director of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Free Zone, University of Dubai, UAE
2006-2016: Professor and Director of Center of Research and Education, American University in Dubai, UAE.
2000-2006: Associate Professor, College of Technological Innovations Zayed University, UAE.
1999-2000: Assistant Professor, Computer Science Department, Bahrain University, Bahrain.
1998-1999: Assistant Professor, Computer Engineering Department, Sharjah University, UAE.
1997-1998: Senior Software Engineer, Applied Voice Technologies, Australia.
1995-1997: Lecturer, Western Sydney University, Australia.
1990-1995: Assistant Professor, Yarmouk University, Jordan. 1986-1990:Researcher, Aston University, UK

Teaching Experience

Artificial Intelligence, Mobile Computing, Networking Programming, Networking, Network Security, Microprocessors, Computer Architecture, Digital System Design, Embedded Systems, Bio-Medical Devices, Neural Networks, Digital Signal Processing, Object Oriented Analysis and Design, Programming Courses, Data Structures, Database Systems, Project Management, Research Methods, Parallel Computing,
Current Research Interest Intelligent Systems, Deep Learning, Image processing, Security, Innovation in Business and Technologies, Cloud Computing, Mobile Applications, Context Aware Systems, Big Data, Robotics, Embedded Systems, Wireless Networks, Networking, Web Services
Patent No. PCT/IB2020/055839 for “Secured and Robust Wireless Communication System for Low-Latency Applications” in the name of DESC (Dubai Electronic Security Center) approved by The United States Patent and Trademark Office. 2020  

Books and Books Editing:

  • E-Healthcare Systems and Wireless Communications: Current and Future Challenges, IGI, 2012.
  • Editorial Board member
  • Web-Based Information Technologies & Distributed Systems, Atlantis Press, publication June2010. (
  • Mansoor, Wathiq M. "Parallel implementation of image segmentation algorithms on a network of transputers." PhD dissertation, Aston University, 1990.

Journals Editing:

  • Guest Editor for the Journal of Ambient Intelligence and Smart Environments -1 (2021) 1–2, 2021 Guest Editor for the Journal of Pervasive Computing and Communications, Special Issue on Managing
  • Context Information in Mobile and Pervasive Environments. Vol. 2, Issue 4, 2007