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What Alumni can do for UD and its students?

The knowledge and expertise of UD’s alumni are tremendous assets that can benefit the University. The following are some areas where alumni can volunteer:
  • Recruitment: Help UD recruit candidates by attending school and company visits and education exhibitions with the recruitment team and talk to prospective students from the business community who may be interested in earning a Master degree or PhD.
  • Participation in the Orientation Day: Attend the new students’ orientation day and answer their queries about UD and its programs.
  • Be involved in Alumni Guest Speakers Series: Alumni who are interested in speaking, hosting or conducting a workshop should inform the Alumni Relations Office.
  • Join the Alumni-Student Mentoring Program (ASMP): Alumni are paired with students to explore career interests and engage in mutually beneficial, professionally-oriented relationships. Similar career goals, shared interests, or common academic backgrounds provide the foundation for the mentor/mentee relationship.
  • Internship/Job Placement: Provide UD students with an internship opportunity or assist new graduates in finding jobs at your organization or business.
  • Sponsorship: Help enrich the UD experience for current students by encouraging your company to sponsor UD events and activities.


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