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Alumni Association (UDAA)

The University of Dubai strives to maintain and strengthen its ties with all its alumni members by involving them in various educational events and activities. UD is also committed to offering career advice, as well as networking opportunities to its alumni. The University of Dubai Alumni Association (UDAA) was established in May 2007, providing one association for all UD graduates. UDAA membership is free of charge and alumni need only to keep their address and employment records up-to-date with Alumni Relations office. Please click here to update your details: Alumni Contact Details form


To enrich the University of Dubai Alumni life and engage them in supporting the University’s advancement and growth.


  1. Promote the welfare of the university of Dubai by building a mutually beneficial relationship between the university and its Alumni community.
  2. Create/provide lifelong benefits, meaningful programs and purposeful engagement opportunities to various Alumni groups aiming to increase awareness, foster sense of belonging, participation, volunteering and giving back to their alma mater. 
  3. Establish a brand name and image of UD inside and outside UAE.



 Encourage Alumni loyalty, involvement, and investment in advancing UDAA.


Create and nurture a mutually beneficial relationship between UDAA and UD’s current and future stakeholders.


Foster a feeling of pride among UDAA members and UD students.


  1. Stimulate Alumni pride and loyalty.
  2. Provide long-life compelling benefits and services to the various Alumni constituents.
  3. Develop and implement a strategic communication plan.
  4. Provide and promote networking opportunities.
  5. Design, promote, and deliver programs that provide Alumni with meaningful ways to engage with the University throughout their different life cycles.
  6. Cultivate a culture of philanthropy and inspire Alumni to give back to UD.

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UD Alumni Association Board of Directors

Amina El Marzak

Director, Internship & Career Development Center & Alumni Relations Affairs