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General Education

General Education

About General Education

The General Undergraduate Curriculum Requirements (GUCR) program is designed to enable students to successfully pursue their studies in their majors and to gain general required skills, values and attitudes needed in order to excel in their respective areas of specialization and to broaden their background knowledge in areas outside their major disciplines.

the University requires that all students must complete several credit hours of course work to reach desirable levels of competency and proficiency in important skill areas such as English, mathematics, computer and internet use, information literacy, critical and creative thinking and interpersonal communication skills.

Students are also required to study twelve credit hours consisting of two courses in humanities and social sciences and two courses in natural and applied sciences. The goal of this requirement is to broaden students’ knowledge in key areas outside their majors, to emphasize the interdisciplinary nature of knowledge and to reinforce the spirit of inquiry. The GUCR component aims also to inculcate among students, through direct teaching of specific courses and indirectly within all courses, important values and attitudes like tolerance of other cultures and lifestyles, lifelong learning, ethical standards in personal and professional lives and critical awareness of their own cultures and societies.



GUCR Vision

Offer an inspiring learning experience for each student in developing essential knowledge, skills and attitudes.

GUCR Mission

    • To prepare students well for their studies at UD.
    • To provide useful and interesting courses in the areas that GUCR is responsible for.
    • To broaden the education of UD students beyond their academic majors.

GUCR Objectives

      • Equip students with the skills they need when entering their academic majors, especially with regard to English, mathematics and information technology.
      • To develop students’ abilities to communicate effectively, think critically and make good career decisions.
      • To broaden students’ experience of the humanities, social sciences and natural and applied sciences in a way that is relevant to their current situations and future lives

GUCR Program Learning Outcomes
Completion of the general Undergraduate Curriculum Requirements should enable students to:

  • Read and write English fluently.
  • Communicate effectively.
  • Think critically and analytically.
  • Understand and apply mathematical concepts.
  • Use information technology effectively.
  • Acquire a broader educational background and appreciate the contribution of humanities, social sciences, and natural and applied sciences to their understanding of human experience.
  • Make a smooth transition to their academic programs and plan their future directions.

New Students

If you are a new student at UD, or are planning to be, the faculty and staff of the GUCR program welcome you and hope that you will share the values that we try to embody in our courses: curiosity about the world, commitment to lifelong learning, honesty in all our endeavors, awareness of our own cultures, and tolerance toward other cultures and societies. We hope that we will be able to offer you a useful and stimulating educational experience in our courses, with plenty of time for personal interaction between instructors and students.

Tests in English and Mathematics

The University of Dubai accepts the TOEFL, IELTS and Pearson tests of English as a second language for entry. Students need to have score reports sent to the University ahead of their anticipated enrollment. Students may contact the Registration department for more details about referrals for English placement tests and training for English tests.

GUCR administers placement tests in mathematics for new students, except for those who have their scores on international tests sent directly to the university. (For more information about admission requirements regarding English and mathematics, see Admissions.)

To register for any required mathematics placement tests, and to pay the fees for the mathematics tests, new students should consult the UD Registration Department on the 6th floor.

Students do not “pass” or “fail” these placement tests. The tests simply allow the university to decide which mathematics course is suitable for each new student. After you have taken a placement test you will be informed about which course is right for you to register in.

Preparing for the Mathematics Placement Test

At certain points in the academic year, preparation sessions are held for students who are planning to take the mathematics placement tests but who are not very familiar with studying mathematics in English. Please consult the GUCR Administrative Assistant, Leby Ashok, or the Mathematics Coordinator, Dr. Ahmed Najim, for information about these sessions.

If you wish to do some self-directed preparation in English, you can visit the Learning Center, which is located in the university library on the 4th floor. Materials are available there for self-study to familiarize you with the kinds of questions on the test.

  • PRMT 002 Pre-Math ( Zero Credit) Course Description
  • GMAT 100 Mathematics For Science I Course Description
  • GMAT 110 Mathematics For Business I Course Description
  • GMAT 105 Mathematics For Science II Course Description
  • GMAT 115 Mathematics For Business II Course Description
  • GPUC 100 Planning for University and Career Success Course Description
  • GCMM 105 Communication Skills Course Description
  • GCRT 200 Critical And Creative Thinking Course Description
  • GISL 100 Islamic Thought ( Arabic) Course Description
  • GISL 105 Islamic Thought ( English) Course Description
  • GEST 100 Emarati Studies Course Description

Studying English at CESL

Class size is usually small, which facilitates teacher-student interaction and allows teachers to give attention to the needs of individual students. Group work and discussion are encouraged in classes. Computer-assisted language learning is incorporated where practicable. Students are encouraged to be independent and motivated learners and English courses usually require students to spend significant amounts of time studying at home. English instructors are highly qualified and experienced, and come from all over the world.

GUCR English Courses

  • ENGL 100 English I Course Description
  • ENGL 105 English II Course Description
  • ESPU 200/210 English for Special Purposes, Business or Science Course Description

Humanities & Social Sciences

  • GUAG 100 UAE Government Course Description
  • GCUS 100 Culture And Society Course Description
  • GPSY 100 Psychology And Society Course Description
  • GSOC 100 Sociology And Society Course Description
  • GEDU 100 Education And The Future Course Description
  • GTOR 100 Leisure And Tourism In Contemporary Society Course Description

Natural & Applied Sciences

  • GCEI 100 Contemporary Environmental Issues Course Description
  • GHSO 100 Health And Society Course Description
  • GBIO 100 Biotechnology Course Description
  • GHUB 100 Human Biology Course Description