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Clubs and organizations

Clubs and organizations

Clubs and organizations

Being a member of an organization or a club is one of the best ways to get engaged with the University of Dubai!!! Indeed, you will not only organize some activities or events for the other students but you will also build relationships, develop new skills, etc. You are interested in joining one of our cultural, social or sports´ clubs? or even starting a new one? It is so easy…

Student Organizations and Clubs at the University of Dubai 2022/2023




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Youth Council

Mohammad Almar #uniofdubai_su

Women Council

Layal Almusned #uniofdubai_su

Emirati Club

Ahmed Alfalasi # ud.emaraticlub

Saudi Club

Naif Hassan #uniofdubai_su

Iraqi Club

Yusur Ameen #uniofdubai_su

Palestinian Club

Mostapha Rahim #uniofdubai_su

Syrian Club

Bassel AbouAlo #uniofdubai_su

Egyptian Club

Mohamed Ehab #uniofdubai_su

Happiness Club

Abeer Qasem #uniofdubai_su

Environmental Club #uniofdubai_su

Debate Club

Mohamed Ahmed #uniofdubai_su

Business Club

WJ Philippe #uniofdubai_su

Gaming Club

Arshia Dezfouli #uniofdubai_su

Football Club

Ahmed Zahran #uniofdubai_su

Basketball Club

Mohamed Abbas #uniofdubai_su

Table Tennis Club

Adam Algergawi #uniofdubai_su

Draw a Smile

Yousuf Ahmad #drawasmile_ud

Who should I contact ?

If you have any question related to joining or creating a club, simply contact one of the following persons: