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Health center

Health center

Health Center – Health Awareness AND Screening Programs and Community Service

The Health Center is part of SAA and is located in the Second floor of the UC building (Room no UC 201). The center is staffed by a registered nurse who provides first aid and health advice in accordance with professional standards and practices. Serious cases are referred to doctors and/or local hospitals. If you have headaches, do not feel well, or you just want to discuss any health related issue, you can walk into the Health Center and see the nurse immediately.
Confidentiality: Anything you discuss with the nurse will stay confidential, and nothing will be communicated to parents, family, or friends without your permission.

Health Center Programs

Awareness Programs
Health Awareness provides community health education, preventative measures and programs to develop
students’ awareness on how to lead a healthy lifestyle and how to avoid and deal with a variety of sicknesses. This helps improve students’ knowledge and build a strong background in Health Awareness.

Health Screening Programs
The Health Center in collaboration with various medical centers under the Department of Health Authority (DHA) organize free screenings and tests for various medical problems such as diabetes, hypertension, hepatitis, vision, and body mass index. Activities are held at UD Academic city new campus. Graduate students are encouraged to take part in such events.

Community Service
The Health Center plays an important role along with the Student Counseling Unit in community service
by encouraging students to participate in services such as visiting homes for the elderly, orphanages,
organizing blood donation and charity campaigns, raising awareness of environmental issues, working
with people with disabilities and other activities that serve the community as a whole.

Hours of Operation: Sun to Thu 10:30 am – 7:00 pm, second floor UC 201
Appointments: Telephone: 04 5566 823 or Email:
Emergencies: When the Health Center is closed, during life-threatening emergencies such as severe
bleeding, collapse, unconsciousness and/or severe chest pains, please call 999 immediately.