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Governance and Support from Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry


The University of Dubai is supported by the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The Ruler’s Court of Dubai appoints the Board of Directors of the Dubai Chamber. The Board of Trustees of the University of Dubai is drawn from the Dubai Chamber’s Board of Directors. The UD Board of Trustees is responsible for determining the strategic objectives and necessary funding for the University. It considers and monitors proposals from UD for all aspects of strategy, academic portfolios, development, policymaking, regulations and funding to support students and staff.

The President of UD is appointed by the University of Dubai’s Board of Trustees to perform the role of chief executive, with day-to-day operational management responsibility, and reports to the Board. The organizational structure of the University of Dubai is designed to provide clear lines of responsibility for academic support, and maintain simple, straightforward channels of communication across the organization. Minimized layers of management, teamwork, resource sharing and a strong delegation of authority are characteristics of the organization. The Dubai Chamber has supported UD, encouraged international accreditation, and helped in the accomplishment of various outcomes. This support has been a key factor in the continuing, successful relationship between UD and the Dubai Chamber, which will help UD in positioning itself to fulfill its new vision.