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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) program is designed to prepare students for a career as an academic or a researcher in the public or private sector. The program’s focuses on applied business research, making it relevant to the growth of the UAE/GCC/MEA economies. The PhD program generally takes 4 years to complete. The curriculum involves three academic pillars:

  • Research methodology courses (i.e. Research Design, Quantitative and Qualitative methodology seminars, Pedagogy, etc.).
  • The Dissertation/ Thesis.

The PhD Program Objectives

By the end of the PhD program, the candidate is expected to have fulfilled the following learning objectives:

  • Develop key pioneering research questions that can be explored empirically to provide innovative and creative solutions to specific problems
  • Explore advanced theoretical knowledge to develop research skills through original research
  • Integrate advanced knowledge into managerial and organizational contexts and roles
  • Prepare for teaching responsibilities in higher education (for those who expect to enter the teaching profession)

Unique Features of the University of Dubai PhD

  • AACSB International accreditation is the hallmark of a high-quality PhD program
  • The program’s focuses on applied business research, making it relevant to the growth of the UAE/GCC/MEA economies
  • The program is delivered by well-trained, highly qualified faculty at UD’s College of Business Administration as well as visiting professors from overseas institutions collaborating with UD. Thus, diversity and international expertise become part of the student’s learning experience
  • Students are exposed to UAE culture and the global business environment, which enriches their experience as doctoral students
  • Instructional resources are available through the e-portal shared by UD and other partnering institutions to assist students with their PhD theses
  • The University of Dubai is sponsored by the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry, an important link to the business community
  • UD was founded in 1997 and has since then earned its reputation for providing quality education

Information for Prospective Candidates

The PhD program generally takes 4 years to complete. The curriculum involves three academic pillars:

  1. Research methodology courses (i.e. Research Design, Quantitative and Qualitative methodology seminars, Pedagogy, etc.)
  2. Concentration courses (Management, Organizational Behavior, Human Resource Management, Strategic Management, Marketing, Finance, Accounting) – students admitted to the program must choose one of these concentrations
  3. The Dissertation/ Thesis.

Admission Requirements for 2021-2022 → 2022-2023

Each year, candidates are admitted as a cohort limited to a maximum of 10. Candidates must demonstrate the potential for sustainable success in the PhD program. The admission process consists of four phases – eligibility, application, assessment and registration, and orientation.

PhD Program Duration: a minimum of four years

Cost of the Program

The total cost of the program is AED 270,000  + Tax.

For more information, please contact Mrs. Manar Noufal at (04) 5566800 – Ext: 953, Email:

Due to the increased demand from serious UD-PhD seeking students, the key dates for 2022-2023 have been advanced as below:

Key Dates for 2022-2023

University of Dubai PhD


Submission of Application Opens

  01th October 2021

Deadline to submit electronically completed applications (along with all documents) to Mrs. Manar Noufal (

 31th August 2022

Maximum number of PhD candidates for 2022-2023 (on first come – first served basis)


Orientation of 2022-2023 candidates

 Sunday 04th September 2022 at 4 PM

Seminars days (each week for Term-1)

Sunday 4pm- 9pm
Tuesday 4pm- 9pm

For Application & Admission to UD-PhD

Eligibility conditions for admission into the first year of UD PhD Programs:

  • Must hold a Master’s degree.
  • Have a GPA of 3.0 or more out of 4.0 in the Master’s degree. No provisional admission is allowed for Doctoral programs.
  • Have at least 3 years of teaching experience or managerial experience.
  • Satisfy any English language entry requirement: TOEFL PBT 550, TOEFL IBT 79, IELTS 6.0.
    • No provisional admission is allowed for applicants with lower TOEFL/IELTS scores.
    • Students who studied in an English medium Master’s program which required for admission an English proficiency score of 550 on the TOEFL, or its standardized equivalent as approved by the MOE, are exempt.

Candidate must provide the following documents for application process:

  • Completed application form.
  • Provide 2 satisfactory letters;
  • Provide a certified copy of the last 2 degrees (Bachelors and Master’s degree).
  • Valid Bachelor’s equivalency or Master’s equivalency (Degree outside UAE).
  • Provide an updated Curriculum Vitae (CV).
  • Submit a research proposal.
  • Attend an interview with the PhD Program Committee.
  • Pay application fees AED 3,000 (non-refundable).
  • Valid passport copy.
  • Valid emirates ID.
  • Campus violation list (provided by registration department).
  • Original Transcript of the last 2 degrees (Bachelors + Masters).
  • Recent photos (4 copies).
  • IELTS/TOEFL or equivalent.
  • Employment letter.

From 2015, all PhD candidates should take an aptitude test for 2 hours as per the schedule.The content of aptitude test covers elements of research process: including problem identification,hypothesis testing, basic statistics and probability concepts.

Interview and Registration Phase

Each candidate will have to attend a personal interview with the PhD Program Committee to evaluate the suitability of the candidate to the PhD Program. The PhD committee comprises of at least two senior faculty members from UD in addition to the Director of the PhD program. The candidate will be advised on the outcome of his/her application within 48 hours of the interview date. Once the decision for admission has been made, the PhD Program Committee transfers the original file of the candidate to the Registration Department at UD, which will register successful applicants as UD students, subject to payment of appropriate tuition fees. Following registration, the PhD Program Office will advise each student on course selection.

The registered students will participate in the UD PhD Orientation Week, meeting fellow students and faculty members and becoming familiar with UD regulations, procedures, services and facilities.